Why Am I Having Upper Left Back Pain?


There are many causes of upper left back pain in people. Some of the most common causes are arthritis, muscle spasms and disc disease. These are not the only possible causes of upper left back pain. Overuse of the muscles in this part of the back and the age of the person are also contributing factors to upper left back pain. In order to determine the exact reason of the upper left back pain, a person will need to consult with a physician. A person will generally know if they have a history of arthritis or disc disease.

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It is very easy to overdo exercises and stretches involving the back. This over-exertion results in damaged tissue, which in turn, causes upper left back pain. It is important to start slowly and work your way up to the more intensive stretches and exercises to keep from damaging the muscles and ligaments in the back. A proper warm-up routine will increase blood flow to the muscles. The increased blood flow will help the flexibility and range of motion of the muscles.

Another common cause of upper left back pain can be from a shoulder injury. The shoulder is one of the easiest joints to damage. The shoulder’s wide range of motion gives it more opportunity to be damaged than other joints with less range of motion. An x-ray is often required to identify the specific damage in the shoulder. If the shoulder is injured, the muscles and ligaments that connect into the upper back will also be affected and this will lead to the upper back pain.

Muscle spasms are another very common cause of upper left back pain. These spasms can be caused by a variety of things, such as, poor posture, dehydration or heavy lifting. Spasms are more likely to occur if the muscles have not been properly warmed up, but they can occur at any time. Poor posture and weak muscles allow the muscles in the back to remain in a stretched position. By staying in the stretched position for extended periods of time, pain and muscle strain result.


Referred pain from the heart can also cause pain in the upper left back. This pain can be felt not just in the upper left back, but also in the shoulder, shoulder blades and left arm. Heart related causes of upper left back pain can include heart attack, aortic dissection and pericarditis. Immediate medical attention is needed if a person thinks that the pain may be cardiac related.

As you can see, there are many possible causes of upper left back pain. It is important to remember to always try to maintain proper posture so that the muscles do not become stretched unnecessarily. Also, if any strenuous activity is planned, it is important to warm-up the muscles in the back to help prevent any injury. Cardiac conditions can also cause referred upper left back pain. If you have concerns that the pain you are feeling is possibly cardiac related, it is extremely important that you seek immediate medical care.